There is so much nostalgia in every season I want to hold onto. I never want to forget the dimples on my son Isaiah’s face when he laughs, my daughter Isabelle’s tiny baby curls, or youngest son Silas’s scrunchy nose smile. I want to photograph the things in this season of life that makes your heart soar. There is no pressure to make your family stand like statues as I will prompt you to engage and interact with your loved ones to create organic, joyful moments. Here is me encouraging you to chase your toddlers, hug your teenagers, and flirt with your sweetheart.

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about kori elizabeth

about kori elizabeth

It's my passion to be the photographer you continually invite back to capture your most precious memories. It truly brings me joy to document all the things from finding your person to chasing your littles around a field. I hope to lead you to capture the most sweet, organic moments with your people and tell the story of this season. As we all know, seasons come and go, but I want you to have your photos as little souvenirs to remember the sweetness of it all— your husband’s face as you came down the aisle, your baby’s sweet curls, and the giggles of your toddler. Let's tell story of your season and preserve your memories!

Let's tell story of your season and preserve your memories!

capturing your
 most precious moments.

I'm Kori. I’m married to my sweetheart, William and mom to three babes.We live in north Georgia– just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee on a sweet little slice of land that has been in my family for years. My days are filled with chasing my babies, building every racecar track imaginable, and endless cuddles. The Lord has blessed me with immeasurably more than I could ever hope for with not only my family, but also with my dream job as a photographer capturing other families’ stories. 

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I love to capture every season for my clients from their wedding day to growing their families.

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